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For Brands with Digital Economy. Sinha does bold marketing and PR work that delivers real commercial impact.

A full agency partner for Marketing and PR services.

We value relationship-driven results. Our team use empathy, imagination, good humor and hard work to understand your business and your customers and craft stories that reach the right audience at the right time. We cultivate a culture of empathy, curiosity, passion and true grit, to give our people what they need to transform obstacles into opportunities for incredible growth.

Sinha is a boutique marketing and PR agency, working with some of the world most disruptive technology brands, providing proactive strategic results-driven campaigns.

We design and deliver marketing and PR approaches that unlock business value.

The Seal Team 6 of marketing and PR

We’ve been involved in finance and tech for over a decade. It is demonstrated in our unparalleled network, deep industry knowledge, and ability to craft relevant and impactful marketing and media strategies. Don’t take our word for it. Ask to see recent results. Speak to our clients.

A finance and tech agency

We are a deliberately small team of expert-only entrepreneurs, marketing, branding, content and reputation specialists who take pride in our craft. With Sinha, you only work with experts with at least 10 years’ experience at the top of their profession. Turn to high-impact growth experts you can trust to grow your reputation and sales.

Pay for work, nothing else

Fees pay for talent and results, not swanky offices or other unnecessary overheads. We give you upfront terms and specialist resources you can turn on when needed. Our zero-month notice period promise also gives you peace of mind that we will always deliver to a high-standard. We believe, trust is earned, never demanded.

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Nish R
Strategy Lead
13 years marcoms counsel for established and fast-growth finance, fintech and crypto brands.
Marcus W
Growth Lead
Ex-Portfolio Manager turned entrepreneur. Founded two DTC businesses, and now applies his skills creating insight-driven marketing strategies.
Rob J
Content Lead
17 years writing for business technology and financial brands. Runs Sinha’s content practice and leads messaging, thought leadership and written collateral across all Sinha clients.
Connor M
Media Lead
Directs and manages Sinha’s deep business and industry, media ties, and ensures our clients are well positioned on topics that matter to them and stakeholders.
Jo B
Copy Lead
A widely published journalist, featured in publications such as The Times, Mail on Sunday, Spectator, Daily Telegraph, and more. Jo is an expert in turning marketing-speak into captivating copy.
Chris C
Creative Lead
Chris is a leading Creative Director. He has led creative for some of the world most digitally recognised brands, including TikTok, Google, Huawei, Nike, and Spotify.
Dan I
Strategy Lead
Dan is the CEO of Tollejo, the business strategy company that helps companies sell with more impact. In 2020, Tollejo helped its clients win over 500 million GBP in new business. Dan was also a founder of Coindesk.

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Relentless reinvention Banking on the data.

While other PR agencies wait to be told what to write, this team is constantly creating fresh angles for pre-existing content and using them to secure opportunities in high quality media outlets. They are proactive, creative and – best of all – they challenge the way we think about the media, the market, and how we communicate the value we bring to customers.


PR, Content, Media Relations

Banking on the data.

Sinha instantly proved themselves to be the perfect partners for growth. At Bud we’re all about taking vast and messy data sets and turning it into services that transform the way banks deliver services to their customers – and that’s very similar to what Sinha delivered for us. From the outset, the team understood our mission, rolled up their sleeves and dived into the data to craft a range of fresh and insightful thought leadership before placing it in top-tier media. What distinguishes Sinha from other agencies is their ability to take highly complex concepts and data, and translate it into clear and compelling stories that resonate with our audiences.

Bud Financial

PR, Content, Media Relations

Make messaging a Breez.

There are two key communications challenges for new entrants to the Bitcoin marketplace: what problems do you solve and how do you do it. Sinha’s genius lies not in articulating the answers individually but how well they understand the link between the two questions. They instinctively grasp the inseparability of Bitcoin’s technology and its philosophy, and developed messaging that’s as convincing to our industry stakeholders as it is compelling for our customers. Sinha helped positioned Breez right at the forefront of the Bitcoin ecosystem while making us one the world’s most popular bitcoin wallets within months of our launch.


PR, Content, Media Relations

I don’t like working with ghostwriters.

I don’t like working with ghostwriters: no matter how many different drafts we go through, the finished article never sounds like the real me. The only exception is when I worked with Sinha’s content lead on developing my weekly column in a leading Bitcoin magazine. Working together wasn’t always easy, but over time we developed a trusted, mutually-respectful partnership. The result was a widely-read and well-received column that didn’t just say what I think, but said so in my authentic voice.


The fruit of passion.

Sinha has unrivalled experience in Bitcoin and Lightning Network, but much more important is that they genuinely care about the people who have the most to gain from these technologies. They are passionate about Bitcoin’s potential to transform the lives of the world’s poorest and most financially-excluded people, and this enthusiasm pervades everything they do. Whether it’s developing punchy, emotive messaging for our brand, to securing top tier media coverage for our announcements, Sinha feels less like a agency and more like a partner that’s as invested in our success as we are.


PR, Content, Media Relations

Writing for writers.

What makes Sinha such a joy to work with? They’re fun, they’ve got an obvious and infectious enthusiasm for all things Bitcoin, and they’re born communicators. Best of all, their writing is journalistic standard, crafted with real creativity and flair that compels attention. It takes a lot for a media publication to trust a third party with their brand, but Sinha is no ordinary agency. They understand the power of words to sway opinions, attitudes and behaviours, which is just one reason why we trust them to create content and deliver consistent media results for the magazine and our stable of contributors.

Bitcoin Magazine

PR, Content, Media Relations

The agency that wasn’t there.

Running a major Bitcoin VC leaves very little time for PR, and absolutely none for hand-holding an agency partner. That’s never been a problem with Sinha. They secure a stream of big-ticket broadcast and broadsheet media opportunities, and they do it almost entirely without my input because they understand our brand and our landscape perfectly.
With Sinha, it’s like the results are there but the agency somehow…isn’t. And for a VC, that’s worth its weight in gold, because I can focus entirely on leveraging that coverage to grow our fund and attract the best start-ups.


PR, Content, Media Relations

Putting Tradeshift at the top of the food chain.

Supply chain has always been a bit of a jungle, ruled by big beasts like Oracle and SAP with million-dollar PR budgets. Yet within months of working together, Sinha established Tradeshift as the go-to experts on the issues that matter to us most. Their thorough media and market knowledge, combined with creative content and Trojan work ethic brought a constant stream of high-value coverage across business, tech, financial, and logistics verticals in the US and UK. Sinha played an instrumental role in making our quarterly Index required industry reading, eagerly awaited and reported by the world’s business media.


PR, Content, Strategy